Hello. My name is Emily.

Hello. My name is Emily.

Emily Cumings - Principal Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

Emily Cumings resides in Columbus, GA with her boyfriend Joshua and their 2 rescue dogs, Beautiful and Fern. She has loved all things fashion, hair and makeup, from the time she was a little girl. Originally from Grandville, MI, Emily was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend Cosmetology School in Chicago, IL where she was able to further her hair and makeup education with some of Chicago’s best hair stylists and makeup artists.

“Each client is so unique and has a different vision for their wedding day. The best part of my job is making each one of those already gorgeous individuals feel their most beautiful!”

Becoming - what it means to me...

causing someone to look attractive : having a flattering or attractive effect


Becoming was born to bring beauty to you, wherever and whenever you need it most! Whether it be a wedding, a black tie event, a graduation, a photo shoot, we come to you to help you prepare for the special events life brings your way. These life events are remembered forever through pictures and Becoming is your insurance policy that your hair and makeup will forever look fabulous!